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Quantum Flex™ Composite
Campsite, Trail & Boundary Markers
QM-375, QM-250
The Quantum Flex™ Campsite, Trail & Boundary Markers quickly & economically identify campsite assignments, hiking trails, off road delineation, property boundary, survey sites and other general purpose applications. The flexible marker withstands repeated vehicle impacts, flexing out of the way and returning to the original upright position. This reduces maintenance as well as possible injury from rusted or bent steel markers that often have sharp edges exposed to the public. Decals can be factory applied providing for a complete sign unit right from the box thus eliminating any type of nut & bolt field assembly. Marker installation is fast and easy. Quantum Flex™ markers can be driven into most soil conditions using a lightweight hand-held post driver in less than 60 seconds
Features & Benefits

Capable of withstanding repeated vehicle impacts, thus greatly reducing the added cost of maintenance associated with marker repair or replacement.

Weather Resistant

Quantum Flex Markers are constructed from a fiberglass reinforced composite which is ultraviolet resistant and temperature stable. They will not become brittle when cold or soften under heat, thereby remaining flexible in virtually all weather conditions.

Lower Maintenance

Solid color impregnated throughout the marker. Never needs painting! Will not fade & crack like thermoplastic or rust & rot like metal or wood.

Easy Installation

Installs fast and easy using industry standard tools. A typical installation takes less than one minute.


Available with or without identification decals, reflective sheeting or letters and numbers. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to match your application. Small signs can also easily be attached to the marker.


Strong composite material is 75% lighter than steel & 10 times stronger than typical thermoplastic. Easily stores and transports to the job site.

Fire Resistant

Capable of withstanding small grass fires and controlled ditch burns. Will not soften and melt like common plastic.

Cost Effective

Longer life, lower maintenance and reduced transportation cost. Quantum Markers stay on the job longer with lower overall cost
QM - 375 Specifications
For Bulk Shipments
500 QM-375 markers, 66" length fits on one pallet weighing 1750 pounds
* Custom Colors and sizes are available
with minimum order requirements
Installation is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Insert marker into driver.
2. Rotate driver with marker into position.
3. Drive marker with a series of light taps.

Brace your foot against marker to stabilize during installation

Same post driver fits both marker styles
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Highly Visible
Easy Installation
The symmetrical three rib profile optimizes rigidity, stability and flexibility. This provides an unobstructed recessed message area on both sides of the marker, offering protection of the number or warning message.
QM - 250 Specifications
Material: Glass Reinforced Polyester Composite

Weight: 0.62 lbs per foot

* Standard Lengths: 62, 66
and 72 inch

Width: 3 15/16 inch

* Standard Colors: White, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, & Brown

A high performance marker designed for most identification applications. Offers the best choice for overall visibility and flexibility. The unique symmetrical design combines the strength and installation characteristics of standard flat markers, with the lower bending radius associated with curved type markers. Can accommodate up to a 3" wide decal for clearly identifying trails, campsite assignments, roadside delineation and other general purpose applications.
Material: Glass Reinforced Polyester Composite

Weight: 0.31 lbs per foot

* Standard Lengths: 66 and 72 inch

Width: 2.5 inch

* Standard Colors: White, Orange, Yellow & Blue

For Bulk Shipments
500 QM-250 markers, 66" length fits on one pallet weighing 900 pounds
An economical marker designed for applications where less flexibility and a lower profile is preferred. Dual rib design increases stiffness & improves installation. Low profile rib design does not require a special driver. The same driver works with both markers. Dual rib design allows for easy optional sign attachment by allowing placement of the sign hardware between the ribs. A good choice for survey and boundary identification where increased flexibility is not a concern.
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